A bit of re-vanping…

On Saturday I trundled down to the annual Kanagawa campervan exhibition to check out what Japan has to offer in the line of camping vehicles and see how they match up to my darling.

I can’t say I was overly impressed! Most were more like hotels on wheels, all kitted with the plushest fittings and upholstery, tv, dvd, drinks fridge – and price tags to match!!

I suppose I have what now is probably a very out-dated idea of what a campervan should be used for – to get away from modern life, do without all its conveniences and get back to ‘grassroots’.

These, on the other hand, were very clearly designed to allow you to feel like you very much still connected to the modern, urban world.

They were also clearly designed with short trips in mind, with function very much playing second fiddle to form. Indeed, most were incredibly badly designed in terms of space utilisation and many felt ridiculously cramped…

There was just one camper that I did totally fall in love with…


He’s basically the truck version of my van, meaning he’s tiny. But a very clever design including lots of windows and airy wallpaper gives it an incredibly spacious feel inside…


It also had some really cool features such as a slide-out bed that sits above the driver’s cabin and a ceiling-mounted fan to keep you cool in the summer…

But even better, the whole thing can be simply propped up on its legs, allowing you to go off for drives in the truck without always having to lug the body around with you…


Wish I had the dosh to buy him!!!

With nothing to do on Sunday and campervan designs on my mind, I thought I’d re-design the interior of mine!

Digging out the old storage boxes she had already come with that I’d since taken out to give more space, and armed with a saw bought from the 80 cent shop, a few hours of measuring, cutting and mounting, I finally ended up with this L-shaped lay-out…


So I’ve now got a proper bed (saving the hassle of having to fold away your futon every morning and simultaneously creating a huge amount of storage space underneath it), as well as a mini-sofa to relax on that conveniently folds down when you are in driving mode with the drivers seat pushed as far back as possible…


I’m off in a couple of days for a week-long trip up to Ishikawa province, about 400 km due north of here, so will see just how comfortable and practical the new lay-out really is!

Its going to be a hectic week – I’ll be attending 6 festivals in five days. Be sure to visit for my reports!


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