Matsuri trip to Ishikawa prefecture – day 1

Am ensconced at a Starbucks in the city of Toyama for the day with a pretty great view, having driven the 400km from home yesterday.


The drive up was long and slow as I opted to avoid the motorway. But it was still pretty relaxing, with some great scenery as I drove through the mountains. It was strange to see all the ski resorts completely deserted!

Mind you, there’s still plenty of snow around and the drive this morning with the mountains on one side of the road and the sea on the other was gorgeous!

DSC_0036 (2)

The great thing about going somewhere you’ve been before is that you at least know where are the good places to spend the night! Last night I opted for a lovely big park on a hill overlooking the city of Itoigawa. Big, very green and wonderfully quiet, despite it being not only a park but also having a major museum and an outdoor sports complex.

Not a bad backdrop for your local baseball field, eh!


I’m also lucky in that because its much colder on this side of Japan, the cherry blossoms are now pretty much in full peak, even though they ended a couple of weeks ago in Tokyo…


Anyway, that’s it for today! Will be super-busy from tomorrow running from one festival to another! Luckily, the weather looks like its going to be pretty decent for the week…


4 thoughts on “Matsuri trip to Ishikawa prefecture – day 1

  1. Checking for the updates!! C’mon travelling man…… Where are you? Hope you’re safe! Is the van holding up?


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